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Hunting Island State Park in South Carolina. Bike Riding on the beach!

Our concept of age changes as we embrace more years...what once seemed old is NOW our new normal.  We feel too young to be old - but we are too old to act young, we call it the “in between”.

FIFTY5+ Magazine will address the unique issues facing people over 50 in a positive uplifting manner while still being pragmatic.  We need to REDEFINE AGING. Some of us are working, some of us are retired, and some of us are caretakers to our parents, children and even grandchildren. Some of us are starting fresh in relationships & careers while some are happily moving along the road that was set out in our twenties. The path we take may be different but we all eventually arrive together.

We want to tell REAL stories about REAL people living life to the fullest.  We want to inspire you to enjoy each day.  We don’t need to reinvent the wheel we just want to encourage you to drive the car...preferably REALLY FAST! 

To have no fear for the days, months and years ahead. No fear of aging and its frailties.  After all, who wants the alternative? 

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